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cylinder kit 90cc Naraku 52,4 mm bore V2
Location: Shortcut to Homepage /racing parts 50cc/*motor/cylinder kit 90cc Naraku 52,4 mm bore V2
cylinder kit 90cc Naraku 52,4 mm bore V2

Product Information

cylinder kit Naraku v2 52,4mm giving you a REAL  90cc cylinder !!!.

most of the 90 cc kit found on the internet are not real 90cc, that"s why reseller don't give you the bore diameter, , 51mm bore mean 85cc, that's easy to found with bore and stroke , real  90cc are  52,4 mm bore diameter cylinder.

  one the v2 kit, essential improvement were made on the piston, for better performances , and a better piston pin lubrification .
  a hole have been made on the cylnder , to use accessories if you want, like oil temp or pressur, you just have to remove the plug ! .

  external diameter of the cylinder skirt  54,5 mm, meanig that it will fit without grinding most of the motor brand and models, with short case (10 inches wheel) and almost all the long case motor (12 inches wheel) .

  if you are worried about this, chech that the hole in your cranckcase is at least   55mm.

  complete, with gaskets, piston, rings, piston pin, piston clips .

 best quality, made in Taiwan, not a chinese low quality one, like found almost everywhere  !


50cc to 90cc
  for chinese scooter, 50cc to 90cc, 139QMA, 139QMB, gy6 , motors, kymco, Peugeot V-clic,  Revatto, jonway, Roadsign, Aztral, kinroad, Yiying, linhai, baotian, znen, Gowinn, jmstar meiduo, haizhimeng, wangye, Jialing, vonroad, Hanglong, Jincheng, Zongshen, Linhai, Benzhou, Dazon, Huibang, Zhonghyu, Shenke, Wacox, etc...

use on private road only !


all the tutorials and informations on  http://www.scooterchinois.fr/modules/newbb/viewforum.php?forum=98

you must use the right cylinder head with it !! a  51mm will fit, not the original one  .


for the piston orientation, the arrow on it's head show you the exhaust side .

don't forget to upjet your carburator, a 95 main jet will usually fit, forgiving to upjet lead to a too lean mixture, overheating and seizure .

always check your carburation on a regular basis, white spark plug tip meand lean mixture and DANGER FOR YOUR MOTOR.

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Price: €119.48ttc

Product Code: NK100.65
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