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high compression piston Kit Gyspeed 125cc
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high compression piston Kit Gyspeed 125cc

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Product Information

high compression piston Kit Gyspeed 125cc

made by GY SPEED, well known for the high quality of the materials used

bore 52.4mm, meaning 125cc. you can use this piston kit on your OEM  cylinder, without changing anything .

the high compression est given by the piston head shape in cupola, reducing the volume on the combustion chamber, and improving the compression .

more compression  = better efficiency, more speed and torque .

really best quality, more oil channels, to ensure the better lubrification of the piston pin, high quality rings

NOTHING TO DEAL with a chinese piston kit, REALLY BETTER .


for chinese scooter, gy6, 152QMI, 125cc motors,  Peugeot sum up, Revatto, jonway, Roadsign, Aztral, kinroad, Yiying, baotian, znen, Gowinn, jmstar meiduo, haizhimeng, wangye, Jialing, vonroad, Hanglong, Jincheng, Zongshen, Linhai, Benzhou, Dazon, Huibang, Zhonghyu, Shenke, Wacox, etc...


To have the best of this piston kit, it's better to use it with a  racing camshaft, and the blue racing cdi

for the rings assembly, check our tutorial  : tuto kit cylindre gy6

on this rings the T ring is the first (top) the T writing on the top (1r in the tutorial) the 2t is the 2R on the tutorial 

Use on private road only, prohibited on open road !

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Price: €41.90ttc

Product Code: KITP125HC
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