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Battery without care BS BTX9-BS
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Battery without care BS BTX9-BS

Product Information

Battery without care BS BTX9-BS 12 volts, 8 Ah.

Dimensions : 149mm x 85mm x 104mm (length x large x high)

Battery pack include the electrolyt (sulfuric acid) you must pour it into the battery before use, wait 30 minutes , close the it, it's ready to use, even if a low speed charge a 0,8 a/h is better before use .




to choose your battery, check the size of your actual battery , or the size of the battery enclosure, choose one of the same size of your old battery or , often better (more power) of a size a little bit smaller than the battery enclosure, if their is free room around your actual battery .

volt must be keep the same  (12 volts on our scooters ), more there is amper, better it is .

a scooter battery must be charged with a moto or scooter charger, not a car charger, at low charge ( inferior than 1 amp/hour to avoid damaging it.)




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Price: €37.07ttc

Product Code: BSBTX9-BS
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